Hi, I‘m Sathish =)

I currently run four self-funded SaaS companies, OutreachPlus, LimeCall FreshGeo and PurpleRain.

Since 2002 I’ve built numerous internet businesses in various niche including a Digital Marketing agency which was among India’s first Google ads partners, a Managed Hosting platform, Domain Trading Platform,  several e-commerce stores, Travel , Hyper Local Meat delivery and even an health food brand for pets.

And by 2010 I became obsessed with building and growing SaaS platforms which I eventually scaled from 0 to 10$M ARR in under four years bootstrapped with no external funding or without being part of an accelerator program.

I haven’t had interest in self branding/blogging until lately where I felt my experience insights might help fellow bootstrapped founders gain value to understand the typical pitfalls and challenge the common notion that multi product companies with single founders are not a norm to be built and to navigate the overwhelming noise in the growth marketing space.

I have an email newsletter called PLG Insights where I share no-non sense insights for founders and growth marketers in SaaS businesses.

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